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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Patriot's History of the United States

by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen
ebook pg 57-58

George Washington
Asderathos' Critique of PHotUS' Introduction

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



Chaos and Patriots to the Rescue
hc Pg. 92, ebook pg 90
Myth of the Confederation Era
Nationalists Cry Anarchy
Jeffersonian Republican or Anti Federalists
Point To Successes

hc Pg. 93, ebook pg 91
Defining the Confederation Era and Articles
Slavery, Representation, Landed States,
Property, and Law

hc Pg. 94, ebook pg 92
[Sovereign 13 State] Verticle Federalism
[Sovereign 1 Centralized State] Nationalist Federalism

hc Pg. 95, ebook pg 93
State Sovereignty
and their Whig Constitutions
Separation of Unbalanced Powers



God and the Americans
Starts on Page 96 [hadrcopy] and Page 94 [ebook]

Jefferson's Separation
Individual Bible Interpretation
Galvanization and Religious Revolution

Christian Republicanism
Church: The Civic Duty
Doctrinal Splits and Education


Harvard: University of Heretics
Unitarians "Deny the Trinity"
Charter Favoritism



Two Streams of Liberty
Starts on Page 103 [hardcopy], Page 106 [ebook]

Federalists and Nationalists [name shift]
[Pro-Revolution] Polis vs Democracy
7 States' Inflated Currency
and Nationalists' Jab Leadership

  Borders Trade and Diplomacy,
 Nationalism Strong
Articles of Confederation

ebook pg 106
Ineffectual Articles,
Shays' Rebellion
And the Nationalists' Revolution
[IE The Constitutional Congress]

ebook pg 107

ebook pg 108

ebook pg 109

ebook pg 110
ebook pg 111

 ebook pg 112

Madison and Hamilton
Parties and Powers

Madison and The Bill of Rights

God's Bill of Rights against Government


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