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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Glenn Beck's CUFI Keynote July 20, 2011


Hello, please please sit down. I don't wanna have to be in this city longer than I have to. I''m thrilled to be here tonight i will tell you that percentage on that stage after listening to him,  you couldn't stop just a little so i didn't have to perform so hard? um... I,  actually listening to my feel a little like Nancy Pelosi now yeesh. Um I am not a-um-a joyner of organizations I uh, despite what it looks like in the last few years of my life. I'm not an activist I'm not a guy who speaks out. I'm a guy who watches NASCAR or sits on the couch in my underpants and eats dorritos. I've always been a lazy American. Unfortunately the uh... the times uh... are different. I have joined two organizations in my life. I have joined my Church and, uh, I have joined the NRA. I guess that makes me a guy with God and Guns. But last night i occurred there were seven hundred thousand calling themselves members of christians united for israel and tonight iI would like to make that seven hundred thousand and one
And David, I not only um, heard your challenge uh... for the campus project that you're working on um at GBTV we're working on something similar and we're not going to, we're not going to repeat the effort that you have. Instead i'd like to join you and my wife and i would like to donate ten thousand dollars to your effort tonight. This is a worthwhile clause. This may even be the cause of our lifetime. Fourteen days ago I did something I've never ever wanted to do in my life, fourteen days ago i spent two days in-Auschwitz in Birkenau. It profoundly changed me as a human being. You can watch over me movies you want. You can read what you want in books and on internet, but until you in the gas chamber you don't have any real idea of what this is all about. As i was walking down the tracks going from  Auschwitz  1 to  Auschwitz 2, Birkenau I thought to myself there is got to be some way to make sure this doesn't happen. A museum is not good enough. A bus trip to Washington DC is not enough. Our students don't understand it there must be somewhat a but then he asked still linger schindler's list. There must be some other way, and as I was walking down the tracks these words came to me 'we all know that it makes sense that we are all different yet we are all the alike.' What makes us alike what makes us the same is our humanity not our rights but our rights coupled with our responsibilities. Jews and gentiles alike have a basic right to live. You cannot round people up in the middle of the night. You cannot breakdown people's doors and just snatch them. You cannot treat people like animals just because of who they are. No matter who we are all of us  have a right  to practice peacefully our religion, to raise a family, and to use our God-given talents to create something of value and conduct an honest business. We have these rights, I thought to my self 'there should be some sort of declaration' as I was walking on those tracks 'there ought to be some universal bill of rights' and then I thought, 'the only one that would do that is the united nations' and I realized nothing useful comes out of the united nations and I dismissed that idea. *cheers* But as I continued to walk, ever growing closer to birkenau, the site where more people were murdered and any of their place on the entire planet, a fear began to grow in me, a fear that should have been eradicated, when the Nazis were defeated, a fear that was growing more and more intense as I came to that opening that the train went through. The fear was caused by the understanding that the world is yet again turning a blind eye, to evil. The same kind of evil. It was laser focused. What is the answer Lord, what is the answer? How do we protect one another? In America there is a growing attempts in the political media an academic classes to dismiss our founders and more important their God inspired to work. Maybe this is why millions of Americans today are sending themselves back to school, they are educating themselves on the words of our founders, educating themselves on the things that are on the edge of being lost. For some reason those ideas burn in the hearts of most Americans but most Americans can't really identify why. If I may, I'd like to see if I can clearly states why this old dusty outdated document that chartered a new course for mankind what you have brought us into world war [two*] earlier and blown up the tracks to Auschwitz when we first saw them from the sky, *cheers*  it is the answer for Israel it is the answer for the Jewish people it is the answer for America and for the entire world! 'We hold these truths to be self-evident that all man are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights among these, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The founders had the answer one hundred and fifty years before Hitler showed up! *applause* But as our founders new there is more than just stating the obvious or self-evident, you must be able to guard those rights, this is what the Jewish people have not then able to do. They have had no home base. The thirteenth century BC, slaves, run out of their homeland, then the crusades start. I don't need to tell you that history, but the Jewish people around the world need to know that Christians know their history. They must know we have seen it, we  understand it is too much this we can and we are appalled by it. Crusades, Crusades from the eleventh to fourteenth century, and then the black plague happens. And because of the ritual cleansings the black plague does not effect Jews in Europe, like it does non-jews, and because of that the black plague must be some sort of a Jewish plot. And so they are hunted again.  In fourteen hundred in poland in krakow, there was a fire in the city and of course, it was blamed on the Jews,  but the king at the time was a friend and so he gave them a parcel of land had built the great wall and a moat around it, he would protect them. It was good for a while, until he died. It didn't last long. Two days before queen Isabella dispatched the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, to find the new world, as the world  was about to open up,. it was dragged into darkness! Two days before she ordered the rounding up of all of the Jews. The edict of expulsion, two hundred thousand Jews run out of Spain this began the expulsion out of Europe. Any idea when that was officially ended? December sixteenth sixty eighty. In sixteen forty eight Ukrainian massacre sixty five thousand dead, eighteen eighty one to nineteen twenty, and I could go on all night, I'm hitting some of the low points of human history, eight hundred Jews we're decapitated in an assembly line fashion, in one of the Russian progroms.   Nineteen thirty-nine the English white-paper limits immigration to Palestine.  WHY!? In heaven's name why!? Why would THIS nation turn the St. Louis around? In Almighty God's Name WHY!? Germany, Russia, the Olympics and teby. Today. It never seems to end.
The Jewish people have been chased out of almost every country, and every corner of this planet they have been smeared for years they have been maligned but to our shame is human beings most of all may have been for gotten in times of need. This is why the nation of Israel is vital. Helen Thomas and all those like her both left and right have been saying that the same thing for thousands of years 'go back to where you came from', and when they do, there told go someplace else. Enough is enough, the Jewish people have gone back to where they came from, they are the ones who stacked the stones on the Temple Mount and those same stones being dropped on their heads today as they peacfully assemble just to pray. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. *Raucous Cheers*The Jewish people have wisely learned not to trust anyone. Not to trust anyone but themselves to be guardians of their God given rights. I hope my fellow countrymen learn that lesson before our rights are taken as well! No one can protect your rights better than you. No one else will, no one else can. To rely on the others is to ensure economic slavery at best and death camps at worst. Not a single American, not a single man in China, not even the Frenchy French, would allow rockets to be fired into their neighborhoods, schoolchildren to be shot on their own playground, or families brutally murdered in their sleep by murderous teenagers who claim to be neighbors. Love thy neighbor, not murder thy neighbor. We hold These truths to be self evident. No one should. No one should, or ever would compromise and give up a  safety barrier between themselves and the neighbor that would shout, that would whisper that would teach their children to hate you and kill you. Which one of us, which one of us would give up more of our backyard to a neighbor that would look over the fence that every time you walk by said 'I'm going to kill you!'. Which one? I contend no one, in their right mind. With that being said there is enormous amounts of room. This is a planet with an awful lot of space. As long as you want to be a part of the family of mankind, there is space for all of us who believe this declaration, that all men are created equal, and we have a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And states can be established but not at  the expense of another state. We must and can work together but only with honest brokers who will admit the truth, and here it is 'Israel, historically is the land of the Jews'. I can't believe I'm the one assigning legitimacy by saying they're legitimate, check with the UN. When? When, has there been another State that has been declared a State by the global body? When? When did we start calling land that was won in a war, by the non-aggressor, when did we start calling that land occupied? Do we condemn North Vietnam over occupied South Vietnam? cashmere Azerbaijan those aren't occupied territories those are disputed it seems to me that the jury is out on those, but Israel? NO. Are we going to begin, do you hear anybody saying that California Texas Arizona is occupied Mexico? Wait a minute that's a bad example yes i do hear that. It seems there's only two countries that are having this problem what a coincidence it's the great Satan, and the little Satan. What are the odds.  Now let me ask this, and anybody who says we can have honest negotiations, they can, they can. But not somebody who's calling you great Satan or little Satan. Especially people who believe in things so much they will  blow themselves up because god tells them to, look i'm talking to a room full of religious wackos! The media would tell me. None of which, as crazy, out of control dangerous all of you are, I don't see any of you willing to strap on a suicide vest onto either you or your children because in your deranged mind god told you to do it. And yet they'd call us the great Satan and the little Satan. Okay you won't strap the suicide vest to yourself but are any of you going to negotiate with Satan? *Shouts of 'No'* No, I wouldn't either. Why are we negotiating with people who we know are religious zealots and they believe we're Satan? We're not Satan but it does start with an S, We're stupid! Americans must reconnect with common sense. We are reconnecting what our founding documents for the first time in about a hundred years. *Cheers* Hopefully we will do it this time and repair some of the mistakes that we've made in the last hundred years because we have made mistakes because we've unpegged from self-evident truths. Hopefully this time we will not forget the real source of power A. The people but more importantly our God, the God of Abraham that we all have in common. I am an inadequate messenger. I am a man that is compelled to stand. I am a father who doesn't want to spend any more time away from my children but again I am compelled to stand because I love my children. I have a smaller role at the table than most of you. I am new to the game of Standing up and speaking out, I am trying to make up for lost time. *cheers* And the thing that I learned after I sobered up, from Thomas Jefferson "fix reason firmly in her seat and question even the very existence of God, for if there be a God, he must surely rather honest questioning over blindfolded fear". I have no fear because I have questioned God, I know what is true, I know what saves, I know what destroyes, I have learned this much, and if I may be bold and make this declaration, in regards to the Jewish people and Israel until you have been chased and killed in country after country until you are truly friendless, even those who claim to be your friends, most of which will night here in the back for the side or turn away, until that is you, you have no idea what it's like to finally have a place to rest your head while someone in exactly the same position takes the night watch and watches for you and your family. It is time that the world declares clearly in a unified voice that Israel not only have the right to exist but exist as a Jewish stage the Jewish people who have no right to live, they have a right to defend themselves against all threats foreign and domestic and for once and for all the good people of the world must remembered there is a difference between good and evil and we must choose. *Individual shouts: "We Love You Glenn Beck"* --*Cheers* That's somewhat disturbing coming from a man, but come on look at me, I'll take it. I  know you feel the same way. You cannot believe what others can see, evil is becoming so clear, evil is taking the mask off. Evil always wears a hood like the KKK. It rarely comes in, in a nice a snappy uniform, but it has in the past. Only when it has scared everyone else into the shadows does it take the mask off. In Iran the mask is off.  There is no amount of cloaking after a while. Nothing, no mask can hide it from those people who have the courage to open their eyes and to stare truth in the face and the great thing is, evil is terrified of those people. There are so many reasons for us to link arms one with another across all denominations, all colors all creeds all nations, link arms with one another. One of which, and the least of which is Israel is the canary in the coal mine, as Israel goes so goes the western way of life. Do you really think that the peope in Iran, that the leadership, that the wackos are going to say oh we have the little Satan lets relax? It will embolden them. That is the least of the reasons. I would point out another reason for anyone who follows, truly tries to follow the one God of Abraham that each of us will be judged, each of us will be judged as a people and as a nation, on how we treat Israel. But for me this is the easy answer. This is the answer that quite honestly if you go no further, leads again to the inquisition. It leads again to you committing the crime. Why did Ruth not leave Naomi's side? Because she loved her. She loved her. Christians must not stand up because the Messiah is coming. We must not stand up because we want another baptism. We must not as free citizens of the world rise up because our freedom will be lost. We must stand together because enough is enough, we as a people said, we promised, ourselves, our planet and our God, we would never forget. We didn't promise because there was going to be some written test, but the test of our lives, and the test of our civilization. Our test is not whether or not we will stand but also why we stand! Self interest? Because we get something out of it? Because of personal salvation? Or because we love our fellow man? And we have finally learned our lessons that millions have died for over four thousand years to teach? *Cheers + Applause* We must love one another. When we stop seeing Israelis, as a part from us, and instead as us, we can move to the next level as human beings. Life is like a really cool three dee version of Angry Birds, you cannot move to the next level until you get it right. How many times is the Lord going to give us the opportunity to get it right? Lets get it right this time! *cheers* And to my Jewish friends, I beg of you, entreat me not to leave you, where you go I will go, where you lodge, I will lodge, your people shall be my people, your God shall be my God, where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. *Cheers*
I met a, I met a wonderful woman, in Krakow, she's one of the righteous among the nations. She's this sweet angelic woman. She as a sixteen year old began to save Jewish neighbors simply. In the ghettos you were allowed to have two hundred and thirty calories a day, as a Jew. Someone asked her, 'please? do you have anything to eat? She said, 'meet me back here tomorrow, I'll give you soup', the next day, four people showed up, the next day she told her parents, the next day more showed up, and they provided bigger bowls of soup. Before you knew it they were hiding people, ferreting them out. Putting them under floorboards of a barn, keeping them safe. I asked her before we parted, I said, 'I am desperately seeking the answer, as a righteous among the nations, we all have that righteous tree in us, we all have that seed, please? How do we water it?'  How do we water it?' before the translator could even finish the question, she said 'God', then she said something amazing, 'remember the righteous among the nations didn't become righteous, we just held the line as the rest of society went over the cliff' Its not as hard of a job as we think it is. We don't have to become superhuman, we just must remain human! And it ends. *Applause* Darkness cannot be defeated by darkness only light, hatred cannot be defeated by hatred, only love. Let us be people of light and love. These are the answers, and they are the answers of a civilized world. They were Dietrich Bonhoeffer's answers, but he failed. In studying Dietrich Bonhoeffer over the last eighteen months, I can tell you I believe I know why he failed. Because there is a tipping point in society. Where the ideas of Gandhi no longer work. We must not get to that point, before we wish to stand. Those unfortunately when we struggle against an unhuman and uncivilized foe, those are the times that only a well informed, God fearing, vigilant, well armed society will stand and succeed. A people that long before declared that they had a right, and then seized the opportunity to have the ability to protect themselves. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak, not to stand is to stand. I as a single individual have made my choice. I am trying to teach my children courage. I am trying to water the seed of righteousness within them. So God forbid the winds begin the blow, the roots are deep in them. I and my family will stand against anyone trying to erase, liquidate, any group of people because of race or creed. If the world goes down this path again, and we begin to define being human as someone who casts out the Jew or the Gentile, or the Muslim, just because of who they are, then I declare I no longer wish to be called a human. If the world again accepts silently that the idea that a despotic regime has the right to kill the Jews, and use fear and muscle and intimidation to frighten others away from their side, then today I declare, count me a Jew and come for me first! *Cheers* When we all, When we all stand together, and say 'I'm one', 'show me the Jews', 'I'm one', when we all raise our hand, we change the world. They cannot kill all of us, let us declare I am a Jew! *Raucous Applause + Cheers* Our Jewish friends and Neighbors, they must all know, and those who wish them harm anywhere in the world they must be warned, this is not Spain fourteen ninety two, or Germany nineteen thirty nine, this still is America two thousand and eleven. We are not the 'Christians' of the Crusades. We are the Christians United For Israel. *Audience Loses Is' Mind--Cheering* And these are the things that we find Self Evident! and in support of this declaration we mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor! God bless you. God bless the US and God bless Israel. *Audience Still Cheering*


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