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Friday, July 13, 2012

FDR's Fireside Chat 5: On Addressing the Critics June 28, 1934 w/ rebuttal

In the consistent development of our previous efforts toward the saving and safeguarding of our national life, I have continued to recognize three related steps. The first was relief, because the primary concern of any Government dominated by the humane ideals of democracy is the simple principle that in a land of vast resources no one should be permitted to starve.
Relief was and continues to be our first consideration. It calls for large expenditures and will continue in modified form to do so for a long time to come. We may as well recognize that fact. It comes from the paralysis that arose as the after-effect of that unfortunate decade characterized by a mad chase for unearned riches and an unwillingness of leaders in almost every walk of life to look beyond their own schemes and speculations.
FDR is here scapegoating 'leaders' at any level of the private sector, for what was exactly caused by govt. and the federal reserve.
In our administration of relief we follow two principles: First, that direct giving shall, wherever possible, be supplemented by provision for useful and remunerative work
and, second, that where families in their existing surroundings will in all human probability never find an opportunity for full self-maintenance, happiness and enjoyment, we will try to give them a new chance in new surroundings.
FDR has just promised here, that its the Govt. duty to not only secure the happiness of those ill off, but deliver them to it. 
The second step was recovery, and it is sufficient for me to ask each and every one of you to compare the situation in agriculture and in industry today with what it was fifteen months ago.

At the same time we have recognized the necessity of reform and reconstruction --reform because much of our trouble today and in the past few years has been due to a lack of understanding of the elementary principles of justice and fairness
Sound Familiar? There is no Fairness where property RIGHTS are not held equal by equal taxation, there is no Justice where govt. subsidy, regulation, and central planning interfere with citizens prosperity and failures.  
by those in whom leadership in business and finance was placed -- reconstruction because new conditions in our economic life as well as old but neglected conditions had to be corrected.
The Depression of 1920

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