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Friday, April 13, 2012

Of Civility and Civilization by Glenn Beck

GB-R 3-28-12 H2, 11 mins in
  • Glenn: Slavery is more than just the whips and the chains, that's horrible, but it also means your spirit, your opportunity to be who you are, everything. When they take away your ability, tell me, tell me if you're ignorant, how you're not a slave? You're a slave, To everything and everything everybody tells you.
  • Stu: Yeah its a metaphorical use. I believe it was Brittany Spears who outlined the idea that "I am a slave for you" and did not actually mean that she would be working for free for a long period of time. I know the media will never actually be able to figure that out, but it is actually true.
  • Glenn: Let me, let me, just read this
  • Pat: well now that you put it in Brittany spears terms they will be able to figure it out.
  • Glenn: Let me take it to Booker T. Washington...
  • Glenn: This is "Up From Slavery". Booker T. Washington was a slave, born into slavery, and then said 'don't hate, don't hate, we're free, we are now free! Apply yourself!' He goes on to this beautiful dissertation on 'we are now in a better position. Why if we are not now in a better position now, why then are we taking African Americans and going over as Missionaries to Africa and trying to help them? We're in a better position! Recognize that!'. So he goes on to something that is so very politically incorrect that its shocking. And I checked this morning, its all been revised and edited now. This is the first edition. I want to go back and see what's been taken out of it.
  • Pat: Its why they hated him then, and its why, I'm sure, they hate him now
  • Glenn: So anyway, he's talking about, look, 'the slave thing was just the way it was', I know, 'just the way it was at the time, don't hate, it was horrible it was an atrocity, etc etc etc. t in one part he's talking about how sometimes you would be selected if the men were away in the masters house you would be selected to go in and stay in the master's house and protect the family. And its a very amazing complex world that he lived in. And, but he said
  • Booker T. Washington: The slave who was selected to sleep in the "big house" during the absence of the males was considered to have the place of honour.
  • Glenn: Now think how twisted this was, you're a slave.
  • Booker T. Washington: Any one attempting to harm "young Mistress" or "old Mistress" during the night would have had to cross the dead body of the slave to do so. I do not know how many have noticed it,
  • Glenn: Now listen to this, remember he's saying things you can't even comprehend. That you don't have mallice towards your slave owner. Listen to this. And anyone who went into wallgreens [referring to a flash rob in the name of Trayvon Martin] For anyone who's thinking about this, I don't care what color you are
  • Booker T. Washington: I do not know how many have noticed it, but I think that it will be found to be true that there are few instances, either in slavery or freedom, in which a member of my race has been known to betray a specific trust.
  • Glenn: I read that yesterday and I thought to myself; 'how many of us can say that, not about our race, but about our family, our community, our company? How many of us can say with assurity, I can tell you that I think your going to have a hard time finding anyone of my family, my company, let alone my race, to betray a trust.' Shouldn't this be what our President is talking about now? Shouldn't our President be asking you to reach higher? To believe in the system of justice? To believe that it exists? To believe that we were 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 200 years ago? That man has evolved, that we have made progress? Isn't that the idea? Or are we still doing lynch mobs, just trading colors!? Lynch mobs are wrong either way! And how is it that we can live in a society where.. I'm telling you right now, if I drop dead of a heart attack in the next two weeks, if somebody goes in and sets anything on fire, I'll haunt you for the rest of my life.. I don't care if President Obama came in and shot me in the head and you saw it on television, if you go and try and rob a Wallgreens in my honor, I'll haunt you for the rest of my life.. or rather for the rest of eternity. I mean that's crazy. Honor, Integrity, Decency, that's how you build a civilization. All the things that are being preached now [from the left] destroy civilization. And I don't know about you but I kinda like civilization. I don't want to go back to the caveman days. I don't wanna go back to boss tweed. I don't wanna go back to slavery. I don't wanna go back to Nazi Germany, Russia, China. Civilization, where people are civil, to have civilization you must be civil. That's being undermined, that's being undermined at the highest levels. Mainly by the President of the United States.

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