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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dependency Leads To Oppression by J.W. Getty

Joseph Walter "Jeaux" Getty
I think you'd probably agree with me, we've all become so utterly Dependant, that um, that any discussion of; 'hey listen, we've gotten in over our heads, we've got to take a serious look at how we've designed, uuuh, how people live in terms of income redistribution, entitlements etc, gotta look, gotta take a serious look at that', that's called the third rail of politics, you touch it your dead. And that is incredibly unhealthy and delusional! We've gotta talk about it, that’s most of the budget! Ahhh.

You know now seems like an appropriate time to mention this from the LA Times, they have a compilation of the best and worst quotes of Republican National Convention, and I really like this one from, Mike Huckabee… noted You Tube figure, Mike Huckabee. [Hilariously alluding to the sound bit of him saying "Hello You Tube"]

*CLIP of Mike Huckabee*-

Let me make something clear tonight, I’m not a Republican because I grew up rich, I’m a Republican because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life poor waiting for the government to rescue me.

*Raucous Applause...

-*End of Clip*

That sums it up pretty nicely I think yall know I have a serious, serious level of concern about how dependent we’re becoming as a people. And once you’re dependent on someone, you march to their orders, you have to. And that’s oppression, and I don’t know about you but I’m kind of anti-oppression. Um, Barrack Obama, this troubled me a great deal—and you know I understand it’s a stump speech and he’s trying to get the folks fired up, so they go out and get signatures and contributions and drive their friends to the polls and stuff like that. I get it, it’s okay, both sides do it, it doesn’t make you a bad person, but!

What he said about “George Bush wanting to… gamble with your social security” The current system my friends is this: You pay your social security and Congress spends it on whatever they want. And the tab comes for whichever oldsters need Social Security each month, and they pay for it really out of the general fund. The money that’s put aside, the little money that has been—and it’s not quite as simple as I just put it but its, its close—the money they think that’s been put aside for social security over the years has gotten about one percent return. Savings accounts during the Great Depression get more than that!

So the idea of You being allowed to choose your investments and maybe maybe—I think this is a middle ground, this is still way too much government control in our lives, but just for instance as a middle ground—you are given the option of… I dunno, Five different conservative mutual funds that barring a Martian invasion will yield you four, five, six… maybe its bond funds—even more conservative—four, five, six percent for the rest of your life on average. Not just given to the government where they hold on to it and spend it, and then, and then, if you lick their boot heels, they’ll give you your money back, well a small part of it, for a lot of us. That any system other than that is quote “Gambling with your money” You know if the difference is gambling with my money or just giving it away, and never seeing it again? My God, I’ll gamble, I’ll go to the danged racetrack, never mind a rock solid bond fund, That’ll at least give me three, four percent, Over the course of my life.

The idea that the obvious necessary inalienable situation is that the government is in charge of my retirement money, and that I can’t even conceivably opt out, that that would somehow be, un-American, for me to look after myself and my family, I mean that is just a horrifying perversion of what this country is about. 
And the point when horrifying perversions become the accepted, the inevitable; sweet mother of George Washing ton we’re in a hurt here, we’re in a world of hurt. Oh, FDR what have you done to us? What have you dooone?


This is the Armstrong and Getty Show, Jack’s getting ready for his wedding tonight, its uh 8:37[am] I uh, I knew I was leaving something out, I uh, I really need two brains, one to, to communicate with the main one. Uh when we were talking about Social Security and uh, and dependence and, well what we were talking about last segment, and it, and the other thing that really bothered me about Barrack Obama’s Speech—and again he’s just trying to fire up his folks and that’s fine—is he said “In John McCain’s America you’re on your own”, [Marshal: “right”] as opposed to his preferred policies.

My answer to that is—and this is the fundamental description of why I am a conservative, and why I can’t stand that thinking, and I think that it’s going to ruin the country—Barrack! In terms of the Federal Government, I would much prefer to be on my own; and here's what I mean, I'm not on my own, I have my family, I have my friends, I have my neighbors, I have my church mosque or synagogue, I have local charities, I have my city government, I have my county government, I have my state government, And Only Then, Only After ALL of Those Possibilities, are exhausted ineffective or inappropriate, ONLY THEN, do I look to Washington DC. 
I don't, I don't look to Bureaucrats thousands of miles away in the swamp of greed and corruption that is Washington DC FIRST, I don’t look to those people FIRST, to solve my problems. In Fact, I look at that as a nightmare scenario; where if I have a local problem, or if my arm hurts, or  my kid is hungry or my kid's teacher sucks, The Idea Of Looking At Those People FIRST? Those Bureaucrats in that GIGANTIC Morass? FIRST? To solve my sore elbow? Literally that is the NIGHTMARE SCENARIO, if that is my first option. THAT is what Conservatism is. Its not the idea that; “Screw You, Poor People, I Hope You Starve!”, It’s the question of who we look to for help, and do we look primarily to the Federal Government. The answer to me is not just no, its Hell No, its Bleeping Hell No, its Bleeping Bleep NO. Its Bleeping You Bleeping sons of Bleepers, BLEEPING NO! and I think that summarizes it. [Marshal: Pretty Well.] [He actually said "Bleep", no expletives were deleted]


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